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  • 【WT-64】HANA-Umami Red has been awarded “2023 Mono and Stereo Highly Recommended Product award” by Matej Isak-san, Publisher

【WT-64】HANA-Umami Blue has got first wonderful review in Germany at Srereoplay/ Aug.Issue magazine By Marius Dittert-san, Germany.2023.Aug.05

Gerald jakob-san and Thomas Kaczmarek-san at “High Fidelity Studio”/ HANA German distributor have just sent us the first promising German review on HANA- Umami-Blue in “Stereoplay” magazine/Aug. issue by Marius Dittert-san.

→Umami Blue Stereoplay 2023-08
Following is their comment about this review article.

The headline says right in the middle of the analogue heart.
A dream MC cartridge for an affordable price with a very lively and authentic sound. It hits analogue-fans right in the middle of their heart. This blue rider sounds airy like a dream, vivid, with a lot of detail and outstanding authenticity. Even the stereoplay-highlight Ultra Gold MC could not follow. Compared to the more expensive Umami Red, the Umami Blue stands at 95%. Which means: it was very close" The Umami Blue is categorized into category "Absolute Spitzenklasse" (absolutely top-class) which is the highest category for phono cartridges; within this category, all the cartridges listed above the Blue are more expensive. This is an excellent result.