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  • 【WT-62】HANA-Umami Blue has got another wonderful review by Dean Cacioppo-san in “Tracking Angle” magazine, USA

【WT-62】HANA-Umami Blue has got another wonderful review by Dean Cacioppo-san in “Tracking Angle” magazine, USA2023.Jun.15

Garth Leerer-san at Musical Surroundings / HANA USA distributor has just forwarded us another wonderful review article by Dean Cacioppo - san in “Tracking Angle” magazine, for your further ongoing powerful reference.

→Hana Does a Umami in Blue, Read the Review
Following is his promising conclusion.

The Conclusion
- So How Good Is the Hana Umami Blue?
If I sound like I'm kind of smitten with the new Hana Umami Blue, it's because I am. The Blue doesn't impart much of itself onto the sound, while really digging deep into the grooves and it does so dead silently.

Although $2,500 is not an insignificant investment for a cartridge, it's still far less than many top level moving coils out there. Many music lovers would never spend $2,500 on a phono cartridge. If you are one, consider this: The Umami Blue costs less than the upgrade package on your last car. And for that, (on the right turntable) you get a world class performance front end. If you are looking for a new cartridge and you are thinking in the $1,500 range, find a way to spend the extra money! You wont regret it. And if you are looking for a more expensive cartridge, you should first give the Blue a listen. It's that good.

Music lovers are all different and wish to achieve different things with their systems. Some look for timbral accuracy and harmonic richness. Some need laser-like imaging and a deep soundstage. Some desire dynamics and detail. Regardless of your personal requirements, the Hana Umami Blue won’t disappoint. Is it the perfect cartridge? Absolutely not. There are differences between a $2,500 cartridges and ones that costs north of 10k. The Hana Blue just lessened that gap. I am quite confident that in 10 years the Hana Umami Blue will be regarded as one of those products that was "the one to beat", at or anywhere near its price tag.