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  • 【WT-38】HANA_Umami (Red), is reviewed as Godsend, one of the best cartridges, in “HighFidelity Poland” magazine. (210515)

【WT-38】HANA_Umami (Red), is reviewed as Godsend, one of the best cartridges, in “HighFidelity Poland” magazine. (210515) 2021.May.15

Adam Wlosok-san at ” Audio Center Poland/ Voice sp. z o.o.”, HANA Polish distributor, has forwarded us following URL, with his translated English description.



<Brief English Description>

Together with the Hana Umami Red cartridge, we get a very interesting and equally nice combination of open sound without sharpness, or even smoothness, and an open sound in which details are not emphasized, a sound with excellent energy. The bass is precise and punctual, but also lacks a distinct attack. The center of gravity was set higher than in the reference cartridges, which is reminiscent of high-end cartridges from Ortofon.

It will be Umami Red a godsend for systems that need an injection of energy, but without sharpening, as well as for those in which the tonal balance has been upset, shifted towards the bass. It will allow you to show the class of the system, it will give joy to new purchases, showing the features of new and old pressings, without emphasizing clicks or noise - I would even say that in these two respects it is one of the best cartridges on the market, allowing you to listen to less well-preserved pressings with pleasure. and without cutting off the treble. Nice, well-made cartridge from a manufacturer who knows what it's doing.