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  • 【WT-33】HANA_Umami(Red) has got “Cartridge of the Year 2020” / “Award Winner”, in “Hifi-Plus” (UK)

【WT-33】HANA_Umami(Red) has got “Cartridge of the Year 2020” / “Award Winner”, in “Hifi-Plus” (UK)2020.Dec.07

Michael Osborn-san at “Air Audio” (HANA UK distributor) has forwarded us another excellent review on HANA-UR(Umami_Red) by Alan Sircom-san in “Hifi Plus (Dec/2020,#190)

Following is Alan Sircom-san’s comment.

Hana’s reputation fine-sounding moving coil cartridges began with some extremely good value models that offered a glimpse of the high-end without the high-end prices. But the likes of the Hana ML left people wondering what a high-end Hana design might sound like... and the Umami Red gives you the answer.

In our test, Alan Sircom suggested that, “The Umami Red is that rare jewel in phono cartridges; a design that gives you both the sort of detail and precision of sound that presents whatever music you put on the platter with a laser-guided focus on the recording itself, and musical grace and passion.”
He concluded that, “The Hana ML and MH gets you glimpses of what a really good cartridge can do. The Umami Red gives you the complete picture...
This is truly top-tier LP replay!”