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【WT-25】HANA – ML is reviewed by Michael Fremer-san remarkably, in Analog Planet2020.Apr.01

This is the long lasted desire we have waited for, as review on HANA-ML by Michael Fremer-san in his soldiers media, under his command: Analog Planet.



Followings are extracts from his many applauds, thanks!

The sound produced by the Hana ML is exceptionally fine and clearly leaps ahead of the SL, which as I remember it was “really good”. The ML is remarkable.

Seriously, I was not expecting the energy release this cartridge manages. It made the speakers “pop”, producing a taut, stable sonic bubble of a big soundstage.

The sound was “fast” but not at all bright or hard. It got my attention, that’s for sure!

Despite the sharp, percussive nature of the recording the ML never became abrasive or edgy. It just evenly and honestly delivered the recording’s sonic message. If you’ve some Peterson LPs, unless you are a fanatic or completist, you could skip this one, enjoyable and super-high energy though it is.

The Hana ML grabs everything cleanly from Powell’s guitar while producing the appropriate breathy softness around de Waleyne’s cooing and soft wailing and presents it all on a generously sized soundstage.

Norwegian singer/songwriter Anette Askvik recently sent for review her beautifully recorded and well-pressed double 45rpm LP Liberty (Birdrecords 5), which she originally released only on CD in 2011, and gave permission for one song to be digitized so you could hear it played back through the Kuzma 4 Point/Hana ML/ELAC Alchemy PPA-2 combo and through the SAT CF1-09/Ortofon Anna D/ Ypsilon MC-15LSUT/VPS-100 combo. Not counting the Continuum turntable, one combo costs around $10,000 and the other around $108,000. Choose your favorite!