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  • 【WT-16】HANA_ML review from “The Audio Beatnik” in USA

【WT-16】HANA_ML review from “The Audio Beatnik” in USA Nov/2019

Awesome and spectacular review on HANA-ML now comes out of “The Audio Beatnik” in USA by Jack-san, which says

“ it is an incredibly dynamic and full-bodied sounding cartridge. I should add the dynamics are equally amazing in the deep bass, making for a powerful and deep sound.”

“the ML is not quite as good as my memory tells me the original Miyabi Standard was,over 10 years ago but you can’t get the Miyabi any more. And if you could, the Miyabi would cost many times what the Hana ML does. But believe me, the ML will more than carry its weight in a system of any price and is very highly recommended!"