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  • 【WT-12】 Listening Test :Hana ML vs Koetsu Onyx in Spain

【WT-12】 Listening Test :Hana ML vs Koetsu Onyx in Spain2019.Sep.01

HANA-Spanish distributor, “Jose Francisco Gutierrez-san” of “Lyric Audio Elite” has just Forwarded us remarkable youtube information, presented by “Mr. Francisco del pozo” (The most popular journalist in Spain) about his own listening test, titled, “Hana ML vs Koetsu Onyx”, having concluded openly “the Hana ML is the best choice today. Better than Koutsu and othe cartridges of 10.000€”

“Jose Francisco Gutierrez-san” also comments “He is sure most HANA distributors may not be so familiar with Spanish language, but this idiom is the second more spoken in the world .!!!”

Have a good time to take a look and listen at “Mr. Francisco del pozo” ’s comprehensive listening test and comment.