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  • 【WT-11】 HANA_ ML review copy from Stereophile in USA

【WT-11】 HANA_ ML review copy from Stereophile in USA2019.Aug.01

HANA/ USA distributor, ”Musical Surroundings” acquired very favorable HANA/ ML review in “Stereophile (Aug.2019)”.


Articles below are some of them and may more !

“This new Hana ML looks and feels substantially more upscale. It features an injection-molded Delrin body topped with a brass cap and fitted with threaded brass inserts for the cartridge-mounting bolts.”

“What most distinguished the Hana ML from its popular, lower-cost siblings was how forceful and dynamic its bottom five octaves were.”

“The Hana ML presented this dazzling display of avant-garde invention with unusual force and extremely pure transients.”

“On the Varèse and every other recording I played, the four-times more-expensive Etsuro Urushi Cobalt Blue excavated instrumental textures with extremely high tactility factors. In contrast, the Hana ML demonstrated a noticeable tendency to smooth out or generalize those same textures.”

“On a fine system, with a strong-but-elegant-sounding cartridge like the Hana ML, you should be smiling and dreaming all the way through.”

“ A stunning-sounding, artfully engineered phono invention that loves all music and a fantastic bargain,”