Further Awards and Reviews to HANADec/2018


(a) "Rocky Mountain International HiFi Press Awards 2018" for HANA-SL. (Presented by The Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest, co-produced by Audiobeat(UK,USA), Fidelity(Germany),AUDIO TERCHNIQUE(Hong Kong),AVMENTOR.net(Greece),Head-fi(USA), hifi+(UK),HighFidelity(Poland),HOME&TECH(Mexico),innovation &TECH (UK),LYD & BILDE(Norway),MONO&STEREO(Slovenia),audiovideo (South Africa?),Stereophile(USA).


(b) "TONEAudio's Product of the Year Award 2018" (TOPY 2018) for HANA-SL. (Presented by TONEAudio magazine : USA)
(*)In attached "HANASL TOPY(3)(2018.Dec)" papers, you may find quite attractive description about HANA-SL, compared with Denon-103, stating HANA-SL's remarkable superiority, in terms of higher output voltage ( .5mv against .25mV), light body weight (Versatility to wider tonearms adaptability), Trackability (Higher compliance value), and eventually a big, wide, deep three-dimensional soundstage (Shibata stylus against conical stylus).
They say,this is even much wider difference in quality,surpassing respective price difference of $750(HANA-SL) and $400 (Denon-103)

(c) "Annual Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Awards for 2018" for HANA-EL/SL with the Musical Surroundings/ Phonomena II + Phono Preamp (Presented by Dr. David W. Robinson of Positive Feedback magazine: USA)

(d) "Best of 2018" for HANA-SL
(Presented by MONO & STEREO : Slovenia)
(Poster is attached herewith)


Other recent wonderful review and HANA/MH,ML Introduction

(a) "GRAMOPHONE DREAMS #24: Hana & Musical Surroundings" for HANA-SL(MONO),SL and the Phonomena II+ phono stage (Presented by Herb Reichert/Stereophile on Oct.4.2018)

(b) "NEWS Hana’s New M Series MC Cartridges" Introduction in Australia. AVhub(Australian Hifi) and Sound stage Australia

https://www.avhub.com.au/news/hi-fi/hana-ml-mh-phono-cartridges-513863 https://www.soundstageaustralia.com/index.php/news/210-hanas-new-m-series-mc-cartridges